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Established in 2013

A full-service Mechanical Engineering Company for Mechanical Contracting Company
Welcome to CEMCON Middle East:
A Mechanical Contracting Company

CEMCON Middle East has been established in 2013 as an independent entity with a sole purpose to focus, cater & offer quality service to Heavy industry across the UAE such as Cement, Oil & Gas, Marine & Aluminum. CEMCON Middle East is a result of divergence from AL MUBASHIR Mechanical contracting & Air conditioning. The intentions are clear & vision is vivacious. The emergence of CEMCON Middle East will lead our valued customers to an era of satisfying service & quality products.

The establishment of CEMCON Middle East reflects a clear vision, which is to accommodate itself in a respectable position in the field of Engineering, with the aid of high quality services.
Vision Statement
With the inclusion of a very dynamic man force, experienced Engineers and technically sound management, the main goal of the company is to cater major industries in the UAE while executing the challenging jobs & projects.